Happy New Year: Cheers to a fantastic 2015

Every year I make the same promises to me, I want to be thinner, healthier and wiser. I think in this my 50th year I will manager the later.

I won’t join weight watchers cos I don’t want anyone else watching my weight

I’m not going to slimming world because it doesn’t really exist & as for all the other fat clubs the only pounds they have ever taken from me are pound coins. This year I feel that I know me and so this year I am going to be the me I want to be. I will continue my fighting with words and attempt to get others to read & review my books while at the same time changing my own cover ‘Lets see how I do.’ Please wish me luck as I wish luck to all to have set themselves goals for 2015.

By Jo


Here I go again; still struggling with my hobby which some would call my obsession. How else am I to release what is rattling around inside my head if not through words on paper. Yes, old fashioned I know but first I write then I rock and finally onto the keyboard I roll. Its taking much longer than I foresaw to have my stories put into print. I can not force readers to read what I write. It is flattering that a few have found my words and commented on what some of them have appeared to enjoy reading.


A great big thank you to those who have purchased, read & reviewed Bright Lights & Champagne by me Jo Royston which is now available in print too.

While other books by me may be out there continuing to bounce around in cyber space I am taking a second and third look before re-releasing them for print. I fear I did my usual act first, think and correct later, too much later sometimes but I hope those who were interested enough to join me in my dyslexic journey from pen to paper and out to the readers will give me a second chance and perhaps ask your friends to come along too.

I am attempting to sort and create a web page which I am happy with. I look forward to meeting and greeting new friends

Happy New Year


By Jo